Improvements to the Asset Portal


I think the Asset portal should be more like a real store website, I mean like these:

  • each asset belongs to a user and with clicking on the user you can see that person other assets
  • adding screenshots of asset
  • ability for someone to comment on an asset
  • rating system can improve instead of just relay on GitHub star
  • Defold official assets can have separate grouping as other users assets
  • more filters like sorting and ordering
  • integrated changelog, more description, etc.

Defold assets are heavily relying on GitHub or similar git hosting areas so asset portal as it is just like a place to link to those, this can be enough maybe and move managing several things work on each person’s repo, like issues, releasing, etc. but I think the asset portal as it is, is maybe confusing to more amateur developers and from the point of attracting outside attention I thing it lacks a little and it’s more comfortable with medium to advanced developers.


Jerakin's editor scripts

Done! And thank you for the feedback. Great stuff.

I’ll try to look through these and see what we can do without too much effort.

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Comments were on the old site but few people used them… better to have comments here in the forum. Maybe a solution would be to optionally link to an official thread.

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This is already available:



yes, i used forum link in all of my extentions



I’ve added a first version of this. The asset author’s name is now clickable and takes you to a list with other assets from the same author. There’s also a list of all authors:



This one is tricky. We have switched to a completely static site without any backend. The rating system is indeed based on GitHub stars since it was quite easy to use the GitHub API to pull in and show the number of stars of a repo when the site is generated (and on an hourly timer).



What would you like to see specifically here?



Would it be possible to star an asset from the asset pages directly or would you have to redirect to github and do it there?



You need to redirect I’m afraid. There are unofficial “star on GitHub” buttons that shows the star count, but they all redirect to GitHub when you actually click them.


  • sorting and filtering should support multiple selections
  • sort and order based of new, featured (if you can), top extensions
  • filter based on android, ios, html, etc. compatible extensions.


and I also strongly suggest that reconsider some of the categories, or at least i don’t know somehow clarify some of them, for example what extension exactly categories as tool? the same thing goes with, Code sample and Tutorials what is the difference? and a completely general category of system, and finally a category for extension? i think the category system should somehow be better than this.



Note that the asset portal can be used for other things than native extensions. Stand alone tools (such as Sublime or Atom plugins or a physics shape editor) or tools that are used in combination with an extension fall into this category.

We should probably add Tiled, Spine, Dragonbones and others that can be used together with Defold.

Good point. We should probably only keep on of these.

Yeah, this one is a bit weird to be honest. It should be removed.

Yeah, I agree about this one as well.

Question: Which tags would you assign to the Steamworks extension? Or the CJSON extension?

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i think it’s more of a personal decision about categorizing some extensions that can be in either categories. maybe a separate categories for integrations? i think maybe with a better search ability (rather that hitting Ctrl+F) categories are not be the problem anymore.



and may i suggest that if you can make it easily, please indicates assets with a small icon that separates extension, tools, art assets, code samples, etc. and for future editor scripts. it can be placed below star icon in each asset card.