Improved level load performance using OpenJDK 15


Hey everyone. I was recently getting an issue another poster talked about here: "Unable to delete file" error while Bundle Android Application with bundling. I downloaded OpenJDK 11 and replaced the folder in packages to fix the issue. However, that got me curious and I decided to download OpenJDK 15 and use that instead. To my surprise, my levels in the game I’m working on are now loading nearly instantaneously and everything seems to work fine. Is there some reason Defold is still using OpenJDK 11?

EDIT: Also a lot of visual corruption that I was meaning to fix when the level reloads is also not apparent using OpenJDK 15. This seems like it fixes some issues w/ the renderer as well… Hard to say though, maybe others can test with their projects. EDIT again: I still see the corruption actually about the same after more thorough testing w/ both.

EDIT2: My AI is also now much more responsive to raycast changes. If I turn a corner the enemies now pursue immediately instead of having a few stalled frames before doing so.

EDIT3: My testing in inconclusive here. Maybe others can test with their projects and see what differences if any can be found.



Using an unsupported version may have side effects such as bundling no longer working. Previously I tested using for the editor and also saw some performance improvements to the editor.



I tested bundling for Android on my project and installing to my phone and that works fine. I tested building HTML5 and don’t see any immediate issues and bundling HTML5 produces output but I haven’t tested it on a server. I’ll update this thread if I see anything else interesting.



The Java version will have no effect on the performance of your game. It will affect the editor since the editor uses Java, but you would be using an unsupported and untested version of Java.