Import spine animation compiled resources (not the source)?


Is it possible to import compiled files into Defold (.spinemodelc, .skeltonc, meshsetc, .etc…)
Indeed, I would like to share Spine animations in multiple projects, but not the source files (json, pngs) so that others cannot modify the files in a spine editor.



I’m afraid that is not possible.



Any plan to add that feature in the future ? Is it the same for lua source code, lua libraries ? Not possible to add lua compiled libraries ?
I really don’t want to share with customers all my lua source code, spines animations, etc…



Can you explain what you are trying to do? What is it that you wish to share with your customers? Defold projects that can be opened in the editor but with some parts precompiled?



Well, as a freelance, I would like to deliver some defold GUI components to a customer. The GUIs include spine animations done by me. I would prefer to give compiled files (.spinemodelc) rather than the “source” object (.gui + .spinemodel).
The guis contain also gui scripts in lua. Same need : I would prefere to share bytecode rather than readable lua file.
Can Defold editor open precompiled with precompiled parts ?



Isn’t this part of what you get paid for? If I were to hire a freelancer I would not accept deliveries of some kind of binary files that I can’t edit. But perhaps your client is different?

No, this won’t work. The editor and our build pipeline does not accept prebuilt files. We can do incremental builds but it still assumes the source files as well as the compiled files.