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I’m making a new game. This is a simple game that guesses the names of animals :lion:.
My target users are children. This game to give knowledge to them. This game has a motto “Play While Studying.” So, let’s say this game starts. An animal image appears on the screen and the user is asked to guess and write the animal’s name just below the picture. If the answer is correct, the next animal picture may appear from the right or left side of the screen. The following image replaces the previous image that was successfully answered. And so on if the answer is correct.
How to do this? I have about 100 pictures of animals that will be guessed.

Thankyou. :innocent:



First of, I am sorry if this isn’t the response you are looking for.

This game sound quite simple and should be fairly straight forward to make. Have you tried making it yet? Remember that before actually asking the question, please make sure the question can’t easily be answered by yourself so that we don’t spend more time writing the solution than thinking of it. This means that you should do your own research and try some solutions or ideas before asking. This way you will also learn a lot more.

If you haven’t already I would recommend doing a few tutorials (maybe 15-puzzle and colorslide) this game also sounds like you could do it in gui only so make sure you also read up on the gui-manual, they should give you enough to stand on to create something like this.



I agree with @Jerakin on this one. Asking “how do I make a game” without giving any specific problems you’re trying to solve is very common in other dev areas aside from Defold. Try following a few of Defold’s built-in tutorials, then give your own game an attempt. You’ll run into problems along the way, which I’m sure the people here would be willing to help you with. ^ _ ^



One way of solving your problem would be to use two sprites. One that will appear on screen and another that would slide for the side after a correct answer. You’ll use an atlas to put all your images (you’ll have to edit them in an image editor for them to all have the same size and width/height ratio. For the animation of sliding, you’ll use the go.animate function to tween the position. After that, you must have a field text where children would have to enter the name of the animal. For that, I don’t know what are the tools you’'ll have to use since I never used that feature.

Edit: In the sprites, you can change the image with the image property.

I think what previous answers try to say is that you’d better ask for one specific technique at a time and write what you already tried for people to better help you. Good luck. Even a seemingly simple game like this will require a fair amount of work and learning. Be patient and continue to ask questions.