Icons size for push notifications


The best articles on the topic I could find: one and two

But in game.project has more fields than I found:

Does somebody know which size of icons needs for push notifications on android? Would be great to have pack of psd templates or something like this.



The small icon will be used for NotificationBuilder.setSmallIcon() and the large icon for NotificationBuilder.setLargeIcon().

You can use the online tool Android Asset Studio to generate icons for all sizes.


Thanks for the link, but in game project we have more fields than created by the generator and I don’t understand is that a big icon or a small and how to make ldpi


Not really sure. @sven might know.

Sizes are documented here though: https://developer.android.com/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/icon_design_status_bar#size11

And as far as I can tell the Android OS will scale icons to the correct size and if an icon is missing it will take the nearest one in size and scale it.


I tried to put icons with different sizes in fields, but on device it’s still app icon instead of my push icons.

I hope @Sven knows how it works and can help me with this big list of icons in game.project.


I’m not an expert on push icons, but I just tried adding a 36px as small icon and a 72px as large and it looks like this:

The project file looks like this:

Push icons:

Regular app icons:
icon_72 (just 72px here but you get the idea…)

I didn’t add all size variants for the push icon, but by going with this guide maybe you could experiment with them as well: https://www.creativefreedom.co.uk/icon-designers-blog/android-4-1-icon-size-guide-made-simple/