HTML5 Build Issues with 1.2.178



I’m having issues with the HTML5 build from the latest defold release. I’ve got a nearly identical game from the previous build I used (1.2.174) which works, only difference being the scale mode set to stretch instead of downscale fit.

To give some details about the game:

  • Colyseus is used for communication with the server, score tracking and some other stuff
  • Single player game

Previous Functionality:

  • When the player went to the page it would be reported on my nodejs server
  • Button presses, death and leaving the room would all be registered
  • Defold game would display and download clearly

Current Functionality:

  • When the player goes to the page there is NO report on the nodejs server (This is why I think it’s related to the update, not Colyseus, but I could be wrong).
  • No Colyseus functionality is occurring.
  • Defold game displays and downloads, but no functionality which depends on Colyseus would work.

Libraries in Game.Project:

Pastebin of Two index.pug (direct conversion from index.html) files:

Any help I can get on this is greatly appreciated.



We did an update of Emscripten in 1.2.178 so I’m guessing it somehow impacts the websocket extension.

I’ll take a look soon.



Are you connecting using ws:// or wss://?

Does a desktop build work?

Do you see anything in the browser developer tools/console when running a debug build?

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  1. I’m connecting by ws:// not wss://.

  2. Yes, a desktop build works.

  3. I’ve built a debug build and it appears to show some errors such as “room” having a nil value. There also was an error in some of our code which I was not aware was changed, I’ll look into that tonight to see if that caused the issue.

Thank you for the help Britzl.



Ok, so that’s a Colyseus error then? Are you depending on a specific version of Colyseus or latest on master/main branch?

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I’m depending on the master of a branch endel wrote for the Defold websocket extension. At some point I want to depend on a release from that branch, but I don’t believe there is one yet.



Ok, got it. I thought maybe the branch had been updated and introduced something new that could explain the problem you are experiencing.