How would I export a project / project file?


Me and a team are planning on making a game however i cannot manage to find a way to export the project or find the location where the files are being saved. If that makes sense. I’m probably sounding dumb rn lol



If you mean creating a standalone executable, then you need to use Project -> Bundle menu.



If you are looking for a location of your files, in Defold Editor you can click right mouse button on any object, component, collection or folder and select Show in Desktop - that will open a file’s location window :wink:



Hey i wanted to know how to export the .project file so others can edit it if they have the file but thank you for your current help! :smiley:



So you want to share only the game.project file? The location can be found by following the instructions that @pawel.jarosz21 shared:

But I’m not sure that is really what you’re asking for is it?



Hey i wanted to know how to export the .project file so others can edit it if they have the file. If that makes sense



You just asked that here:

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What exactly do you mean by “export the .project file”?
If you want allow other to work on the project among you I’d suggest to use git (Defold automatically creates the .gitignore file which is pretty handy) with a remote server (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab and so on).

Another (not so clean) option would be to create a shared folder (with the game project inside) on, for example, Google Drive and share it with others.
IMPORTANT: With this method you CAN NOT modify files meanwhile others do the same, otherwise duplicates and conflicts may happen (Drive doesn’t like them). This isn’t the case with Git because it has merging features.

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