How to update the editor?


I’m using Editor 2 version: 1.2.118 But I understand that there is a newer version. Do I have to re-download the editor or is there a way to upgrade it from the editor itself?


New versions will auto-download. You can click the Update button on the bottom right when you see an update is available. You can also leave the launcher open and it will pop up a dialog to update when it detects a new version.


I’ve closed and re-opened it 2 times and nothing happens. I also don’t see an “Update” button on the bottom right. I’m on MAC


If you click Help->About what do you see? You might already be on latest

2018-02-11 08_21_39-About


I see this screen with version: 1.2.118


You will have to open the editor and leave it open for a while so it has time to download the newer version.


Why isn’t there an “Check for update” option?!


We know the update mechanism is … unusual :slight_smile: There is an issue filed here: