How to set position for the container of factory objects

Hi! I came from PixiJS and now trying to understand how to correctly implement “container positioning”.

So I’m creating a 2D field of game objects (white boxes with a number) using a factory.

You can see that I have some gap on the right so I wanted to set position for the container of all created objects to have this container at the center of the screen. Here’s the structure of my main collection:

In “/main/game/field/field.script” (which creates objects using the “cell_factory” factory) I tried to set as least any position, e.g.:
go.set_position(vmath.vector3(100, 100, 0))
but after a lot of different attempts I understood that the problem is that the factory likely creates objects not in its parent game object, but somewhere else.

The question is:

  • how to put factory objects to a single container/collection in order to easily set their position
  • maybe there’s another approach to solve this kind of tasks, and my PixiJS approach is inappropriate in Defold?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome!

I believe go.set_parent() is what you’re looking for. Newly created game objects don’t have a parent by default.


That’s exactly what I needed, thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:
For others struggling:

local id = factory.create("#cell_factory")
go.set_parent(id, go.get_id()) -- go.get_id() - returns ID of the current Game Object

After it we just move the current game object:

go.set('.', 'position.x', 100)