How to remove a tile from collision group? (SOLVED)


So ive started working on converting my Java based Platformer to Defold and Im running into a few editor issues. I’ve already have a test level up and running and the player walking around with the camera following him. The problem Im having is how do I remove a specific tile from a collision group in a tile source? What is the Keyboard shortcut per say?

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I want to remove the inner tile from the geometry group



I think you should be able to select the “Tile Source” root node in the outline, then click on the tile you want to change.



Thank you. Works perfectly. Are you guys planning to change that? Its a bit strange. I naturally tried using ctrl+left click and Atl+ left click



ping @Ragnar_Dahlen :slight_smile:



There is a lot of features I could suggest

  • Tile fill tool
  • Multi tile select from the selection box
  • Tile multi draw tool(multiple instances of the same tile in a straight line)
  • Eraser(Currently just selecting a blank tile)
  • etc
    Im using Defold Editor 2. by the way.
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Please file feature request and reports for Editor 2 through this;

There is also a report option built into the editor as well! :slight_smile:



I feel really stupid, but I’m having trouble with assigning tiles to collision groups.

Everything I’ve found about this says “paint” them, and then they appear outlined , but nothing I do seems to achieve that.

  1. How do I tell Defold that a tile is part of a collision group?
  2. How do I find out whether a tile is part of a collision group?


Make sure you set the ‘Collision’ shape to the same file as the image, then the outlines should appear. You can then add collision groups to the outline section above before ‘painting’ them onto the tilesource.



Thanks! I had to scroll to see it.