How to Make External Editor Open the Root

I would like to use vscode as an external editor in Defold. I installed necessary extensions and configured editor settings; however I have a general problem. The extensions require the whole project to be opened in vscode not just the script file. It can be achieved inside vscode or terminal but it is tiresome to find the path each time. I want to ask whether it is possible for Defold to pass root folder of the project to the external editor when I wanted to open a script?

Why are you not happy with the whole project opened in vscode? I use vscode in this way and I don’t have any problem. But probably I am missing something…

I believe I was not able to fully communicate my problem. I would not mind to open the whole project in vscode. However I wish I would be able to do this inside Defold. When I double-click to a script file, Defold opens just that file inside vscode. What I wish it to do is to open the whole project inside vscode.

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Set these parameters:

  • Open File: . {file}
  • Open File at Line: . -g {file}:{line}

The . character here allows to open the entire workspace, not an individual file.


It works, thanks so much!