How to make a mobile game

i am trying to make a mobile game just a simple game to make money to invest in my big project so please give me a mobile game tutorial i know how to make a pc game but mobile game no so a tutorial would be great or source code of a game to read to know how i works


i dont know why but it didn’t work in episode 3

I think you are underestimating how difficult it is to make any serious money on a mobile game. The user acquisition costs are huge and you really need to spend a lot of time on polishing your core game and optimize for monetization.

This is a very very broad request. Defold is a cross platform game engine which means that you can write your code once and publish on all platforms. There are certain things to consider on mobile though:

  • Portrait vs landscape - Players should be able to play your game in portrait mode if possible
  • Core game loop - Players will usually play a mobile game for shorter periods of time. Optimize your game loop for this scenario.
  • Controls - if your game supports mouse input it will immediately also work with touch input on mobile
  • Analytics - Make sure to integrate an analytics service to learn more about your users. Check Firebase Analytics for instance
  • Monetization - Use in-app purchases and/or ads. Check the Monetization category of our asset portal for various alternatives.
    • Google for “mobile game monetization” to learn about the latest trends and best practices.