How to fix: "Cannot run program - The system cannot find the file specified?

Project was running fine yesterday, now it’s showing this error. I have a 64 bit machine and there’s never been a luajit-64 file, only a luajit-32 and it’s been working fine.

Can’t seem to find anyone else that has this issue or similar.

Note: I used to have Mcafee installed which would also halt the build for whatever reason, but I’ve since uninstalled that and other projects build successfully. Seems to be this project specifically that is having issues. It’s a very early project that doesn’t have much going on.

As suspected, it was a Defold update that seemed to have caused the issues. I was using version 1.7.0 (March 11 '24) before and everything seemed to be working fine until it auto-updated to 1.8.1 (May 31 '24).

If anyone else runs into this issue, or similar, I’d suggest backtracking your Defold version to the previous version if you can. The latest version of any software usually has some kind of unknown issue that has yet to be found/addressed/patched.

If you use the Steam version of Defold like I do, follow this tutorial; it’s pretty simple:

Tutorial to downgrade/backtrack Steam games:

Steam Database for Defold:

Read the article carefully. I’d also recommend deleting the game files in SteamApps when the tutorial asks you to “replace them” with the ones you select from the Steam Database. This will ensure a clean install of Defold.

The editor will unpack some tools to a folder (see path in your original message). It seems like the folder remained but its contents was removed. This could possibly mean that the editor thinks it has all the unpacked files it needs, but when it is building it needs luajit-64 to compile Lua to bytecode and it fails because the file is missing. One way to solve it would be to remove the “unpack” folder to trigger the editor to unpack the files again.