How to develop mobile games ? where are the tutorials?

Hello all,
I’m new to the DEFOLD game engine, and I’d like to try the engine for 2D mobile iOS and Android games.

Question 1:
What are some known or good mobile games that have been created with this engine?

Question 2:
I’ve searched the internet and YouTube for tutorials without much success, especially ones oriented towards mobile development. What am I missing here? Where can I find good tutorials? (I’m a senior developer, so I don’t need programming tutorials.)


The most well known and financially successful game is Family Island:

I would say that step one is to learn Defold. You will need this knowledge regardless of you do a mobile game or console game. A good starting point would be:

There are also video tutorials:

Once you know Defold it is very easy to create games for all of the supported platforms. The things that are different between platforms is as you probably already know the screen size and input methods and the services/SDKs you typically integrate with.


o boy 501mega game ??
did you saw there mobile tutorial ? i didnt …

You said “known or good”, not “compressed”. It’s got over 50 million downloads. I think that qualifies as both good and known. Regardless, Defold is excellent when it comes to engine size, if that’s what’s important to you:


I think britzl was quite clear and made a good point. Step one should be learning the engine, then you can focus on the intricacies of the platform you are targeting. As a senior developer, once you are familiar with the engine itself it should be trivial to review the manuals (android / ios) or ask on the forums if you have specific questions.