How to debug when using external editor?


I’m using neovim as external editor.
I’d like to use internal editor of Defold when it’s time to debug.
In the « Assets » tab, i’ve tried to right click on a script file, and « open as code » but it is still opened in neovim.

The only way is to erase the configuration of the external editor. Is it possible to avoid this ?

Thank you.

Currently no, but it would make a good feature request on GitHub!

I will open a request on github, thank you for the suggestion.

As a workaround, i was thinking of saving my editor configuration and replacing with the default Defold config when i want to debug. With a script of course, not by hand.
But i didn’t find the config location. I have searched the string of my external editor (/usr/bin/nvr), in those locations:


I wonder if Java would have its own locations for storing small amount of data like this.

Yes, I believe we’re using the Java Preferences API which stores values in user-home/.java/.userPrefs

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Thank you. Here is my neovim launcher script updated, to preserve original configuration. That way, you can debug with internal Defold editor, or use neovim as external editor.

Ok, it’s « DIY spirit » , but it’s better than nothing and at least it works :slight_smile:

You need to generate two files, in the defold config path:

  • copy original config (without external editor) to

  • then configure external editor support and copy the config file to prefs.xml.nvim

For neovim, the configuration in Defold preferences is:

 Custom editor: /usr/bin/nvr
 Open file: --servername /tmp/defold_nvim --remote-tab {file}
 Open file at line: {file}:{line}

You will need to install neovim-remote , which provides the nvr command.

When you want to debug, just launch Defold executable.
If you want to use neovim, launch the script below.



# must be in Defold directory, otherwise problem for installing updates
# (may be fixed today ?)
cd $defoldpath

# if a nvim session is found, load it.
if [ -f "$session_nvim" ]; then
  session_nvim="-S $session_nvim"

NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS="$nvim_servername" nvim "$session_nvim" -c "au BufEnter,BufNew,BufRead *.script setlocal ft=lua" & #runtime syntax/lua.vim" &

cp "$defoldprefs"/prefs.xml.nvim "$defoldprefs"/prefs.xml
if [ -f "$project" ]; then
  ./Defold "$project"

# restore vanilla configuraton
cp "$defoldprefs"/ "$defoldprefs"/prefs.xml
# and close nvim.
nvr --servername "$nvim_servername" -c 'wqa'
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