How to deal with large background images

The project I am working on (point&click adventure) has a lot of small images that are easy to put in an atlas file and forget about - but it also has large 1920x1080 backgrounds, usually one per each screen. How to deal with those? Do I need to put each in a single atlas with one image each or tilesource with one large tile? Or is there a way to use them directly in Sprites?

Yes, that’s the recommended way.

OK. I suppose tilesource will be better since the images are JPG and atlas file would re-generate them as a (much larger) PNG file, right?

For both tilesources and atlases, we expand all image data to full RGBA. Then we apply any texture compression you’ve enabled with the texture profiles, in order to make it a small and GPU efficient format.

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Ah, thank you.