How to create rounded shapes for the walls and add textures to them? [ Solved ]

Hello fellas,

I am a newbie in game dev with little knowledge of programming languages like C++, Java Script and GD Script and currently I am learning and focusing on Defold for my future project.

Basically I work on my project in my spare time and most of the time I spent my spare time learning about Defold.

So what I really want to make is a game like mixture of { Old school Worms + Annelids + Doodle Army } .

So while thinking about it I could not find a way to make rounded like shapes for walls and platforms in defold.

Could you please guide me how to do this in defold. Is there any plugin for this or there is any inbuilt feature ?

If you want free deformation like in Worms this is a bit more complicated and you might want to recreate something like this: XNA - Creating games: 2D Deformable Level

If you want to make something simpler for a beginning I have a very old project made for a game jam, where you can “deform” tilemap by removing certain tiles. It’s very primitive, though: Water sources [open source]

What you want to achieve in the end is not only drawing custom shapes and modifying them in runtime, but also do the same for collisions, so that you can put “worms” around and they can move, interact with the destructible terrain.

Similar topic: Destructible terrain (like Worms)

Unless someone is humble enough to do and share all the work behind it is is not something that there is any plugin out for this just to use, it’s too complex and can be achieved in many ways, like it’s actually making a game :sweat_smile:

Some related topics you might find on Internet too: physics - Destructible Terrain like worms - Game Development Stack Exchange

Thanks bro,

Your help is much appreciated, it gave me idea how the system of map destruction works in annelids.

Here it is in the game.

I want to create game like this but want to mix mechanics or you call features from various games in one.

I want to build a Local Multiplayer games like this where people can enjoy together.

This game was really good but now the project is pretty much discarded by the dev.