How to create a defold project with Spine?

I’m Stack in creating a defold project with defold-spine plugin.

I downloaded Defold 1.3.5, and put it on ‘C:\Program Files\Defold’.

All I had done are below actions.

  1. Create an empty project.
  2. Add ‘’ to dependencies
  3. Run ‘Fetch Libraries’
  4. Run ‘Build’

But I got below build errors.

Line 229: unused variable ‘spine_model’ [-Wunused-variable]
SpineModelResource* spine_model = component->m_Resource;
Line 531: no member named ‘m_Scale’ in ‘dmGameObject::ComponentCreateParams’
component->m_Transform = dmTransform::Transform(Vector3(params.m_Position), params.m_Rotation, params.m_Scale);
~~~~~~ ^
Line 1218: unused variable ‘constraint’ [-Wunused-variable]
spIkConstraint* constraint = component->m_SkeletonInstance->ikConstraints[index];
Line 1244: unused variable ‘constraint’ [-Wunused-variable]
constraint = component->m_SkeletonInstance->ikConstraints[*index];

Is there any other thing I have to do? I read manuals but I can’t find it…
Can you give me some hints, please?

You’re using the bleeding edge version of the extension.
That only works with Defold 1.3.6+

Instead, use the last released version for Defold.1.3.5:

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Thank you!
I’ll try that!