How to bundle Xcode project instead of IPA?

I need to integrate Defold game into existing iOS application.
Is there are a simple way to generate the Xcode project with bundled game binary or i need to go through Defold Editor sources and figure out how to do it by my self?
Maybe someone already have bash script or instruction to accomplish such a task?

I have the same requirements for the Android.
In general i want to able to bundle project as a binary with assets and then load it from iOS/Android project with GLSurfaceView and MTKView with ability to draw any native UI over.

I don’t think that’s possible.

This is strong statement. I wonder why?

Unity and Cocos2D have an option to generate Xcode project which can be modified by developer.
Defold just using an UIViewController with VulkanView or EAGLView. So technically it should be possible and it should not be hard. I just need to know what is the better place to intercept bundling process and generate the project instead of ipa.

Defold uses the Waf build system ( I can’t remember which version (check GitHub!). You need for Waf to generate an xcode project I guess and I’m not sure if this is possible, perhaps with newer versions of Waf maybe?


This is promising. The very first SO answer says

There is now a xcode6 tool for waf which generates project for XCode 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Looking into it