How to analyze a crash dump?


After closing the game sometimes the engine crashes on Android. I have been unable to reproduce it there in debug mode, but in debug mode on my PC build it finally happened and generated a minidump: (20.5 KB)

Does anyone know how to analyze? Or perhaps someone with the tools setup could tell me what is wrong? :blush:



For instance, you can open it in a text viewer to see the callstack.
(It is binary, but it contains the callstack in clear text).

cat _crash
0 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
1 0x849A70 alcCreateContext :0
2 0x7FFC9A88B960 UnhandledExceptionFilter :0
3 0x7FFC9CF72E40 memset :0
4 0x7FFC9CF5B860 __C_specific_handler :0
5 0x7FFC9CF70FD0 __chkstk :0
6 0x7FFC9CF1B040 RtlRaiseException :0
7 0x7FFC9CF6FBF0 KiUserExceptionDispatcher :0
8 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
9 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
10 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
11 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
12 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
13 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
14 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
15 0x7FF6381623AA vwscanf :0
16 0x7FFC9CAA7020 BaseThreadInitThunk :0
17 0x7FFC9CF1CEA0 RtlUserThreadStart :clock1030:

Now, that doesn’t look like a good callstack (read from bottom to top), since those functions wouldn’t call the next one and so on.
Getting correct callstacks is an difficult, so that’s why we also have the _crash.dmp).

Open the _crash.dmp with Visual Studio and press F5 to debug. You’ll need the executable and the .pdb (which you’ll get when you bundle with “With Symbols”).

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