How Do We Become A Nintendo Switch Game Developer? (SOLVED)



Our team made one simple “Flappy Bird” car racing game with Defold some time ago.
After we put Defold aside and moved onto other engines…

We just now see that Defold supports Nintendo Switch export?
What is the process to become a Nintendo Switch game developer?
We are EXTREMELY interested in using Defold again for a Nintendo Switch game.

If you could list the steps to becoming Defold Nintendo Switch game developer that would be great.
Also does it cost any money?
Let us know, thanks!

Also: any plans for XBox/PlayStation console export soon?

Jesse “JeZxLee”
Fallen Angel Software



As i understand correctly, along side with subscription on defold support page (25$ per month) you need to contact Nintendo directly to become licensed Nintendo Switch Developer. If you operate in EU than use, for USA or other regions it will be different email address.

You will need to tell them about your game/s and about your studio. They will consider if you are suitable and then you will get access to the SDK and documentation. Additionally to test your game you will need a devkit. Base version costs around 500 euro and more powerful one around 1000 euro (prices are from November 2019). If you have shipped titles it will be easier to get approved by Nintendo.



Not soon but hopefully sometime in the future.



It’s probably worth noting that nintendo maintains very close ties with their developers. It’s not something hobbiests or casual users are going to be able to do. Nintendo’s quality control, especially with inexperienced or indie developers, is strict. My advice for hobbiests would be to approach a third party publisher with Switch support (This will be the approach i take when the time is ready).

I really love the old-fashioned nintendo business model where you pay for the game and then you get the game. Getting the game for free with ads and then paying later to remove them has never interested me. The switch is also pretty much into the middle of its product life cycle, but I reckon I could have something ready to present to publishers in 6 months if I really got my act together. I have a few other projects I am working on right now, but it’s a very very very very tempting offer just from an entrepreneurial point of view…



Ok, we filled out a developer application with Nintendo for Switch game dev…let’s wait and see…

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