How do I use internal storage files?(Android)


I want to create a directory in the internal storage that will contain the files available to the user. Through the method sys.get_save_file(), files will be saved along the way which is inaccessible to the user(requires root).


We currently don’t provide a way to get that path. Or can the path to the internal store be reliably created without calling any Android OS functions?

What kind of files do you wish to store? And isn’t it pretty hard core to require the user to download files from the device like that?

If you want more file manipulation options in a fairly cross platform way there’s the LFS (Lua File System) extension in our Asset Portal.

If you want to share text, images and files using native sharing on Android and iOS (also OSX) there’s the Defold-Sharing extension in the Asset Portal.


Thanks for reply! I am currently working on a map editor inside my game and want to store map files in the internal storage in the “Game maps” folder, for example. I want users to be able to share their cards by downloading them to this folder and then running the game. I’ve tried the LFS extension but hoped there was a standard way.