How do I show accented words on gui or label?

I’m Brazilian and i need to use some accented words on my game. But, whenever i put them, they don’t show, on the editor, and are replaced by “~”, on runtime. Does anyone knows if its possible to change that?

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try font’s properties “All Chars” or “Extra characters”


got it, thank you. But now I have another question.

Do you know how to make the script editor allow accentuation?

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What do you mean? It’s possible to enter accented characters in the script editor as well as in the editor input fields.



well, i’m trying here and it shows nothing. It’s been like that there has been sometime. Like, the “ç” works, but the “é”, the “á”, the “ã” and the others alike does not work… Actually, I can’t put accent symbols normally(typing twice), i have to hold the alternate graphics key to do that. Whenever i try to put those letters it just ignores and kind of consumes the input.

On the editor input field it works though.

Hmmm. What OS are you on?

@mats.gisselson may have an idea what the problem might be.

ubuntu 64-bit

This seems like a bug. I created a bug report for it here:


You have to check ‘All Chars’ in the .font file

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