How do I program a Bluetooth multiplayer game


can anyone help on how to program Bluetooth multiplayer game using defold, something people can play locally without internet



Through a native extension you could create one. Problem is Bluetooth across platforms has been messy. You could find a c or c++ library that works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux, but also adding in iOS, Android and Web is a whole other issue.

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We do not support Bluetooth. You can add support for Bluetooth using a native extension, but it is going to require quite a bit of work.



I have seen some game which is based on bluetooth connectivity. These games does not need wifi to run because they are multiplayer games. I do not actually recall the name of that game but it was a badminton game. The problem that I faced is that when two player play the game the score does not sync with both the device. It lags, do you know what the problem might be?.



Do you know any other way by which this program can be build?, it is because using a native extension means doing a lot of work. This will be a serious waste of time and energy too for a simple program. Please let me know if there is some other way of doing it.



Yes, if you want Bluetooth support you need an extension.

If you need to create a multiplayer game you can use a client-server solution. For instance Colyseus.