How can I remove bounce on dynamic physics objects ( Solved)

I’m trying to make a test jump system as I am very new to defold, and so far its working, but whenever the player continues holding up and hits the floor, he shoots up really fast. Is there a way I can disable bounciness on dynamic physics objects so this won’t happen?
Collision object settings:
mass = 10
friction = 0.1
restitution = 0.5
linear dampening = 0
angular dampening = 0
type = dynamic

Try lowering the restitution.

However, for a platformer, the player is often implemented using a kinematic body.
That means you have to resolve the collisions yourself, but is also gives you more control on how to move the player.

Thanks! Lowering the restitution didn’t really work, but I’ll try and figure out how to use kinematic physics objects. Also sounds more useful in general due to the control.

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Check the platformer sample project that you can access from the welcome screen in the editor.

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