How can I get all animations ids available for the current image?


Is there a way to get animation ids for the current image?

I wanted to display a list of available animations to select from instead of typing id manually here in (currently incorrectly named X:) input field:


I’m registering all the objects separately and I want them to dynamically change available options in the presented GUI. So if there is a game object in the collection it registers to my Defilm gui and I set up Component: list according to objects’s go properties (“has_sprite”, “has_label”), so it’s manual.

I don’t know the way to detect if a component is below a current go, but above workaround works.

However, I don’t know a way to check for all animations too! :confused: Am I left with manual input or is there some tricky way to achieve that, guys? :wink:



I’m afraid manual input is your only option here.

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You should be able to do something here pretty easily with a NE, no? The engine obviously knows the animation IDs somewhere. Just simply building a table with the anim names and link it to the sprite/atlas? (I know NOTHING about building a native extension)

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I’m afraid it’s not that easy. That data isn’t exposed from our SDK (the “public” API part of our C++ code).

However, one reason our data is in text format is its accessibility, and it allows you to parse the atlas for all the info.

Perhaps you can hook it up to an editor script that does this before you build?