Help with download

Hey people of defold, i found this development app and it looks awesome and very beginner friendly for me due to it using lua for programming which is easy to learn however im on a google pixelbook go (chromebook) and im not sure as to how i install it and it would be a shame to have to go with another tool, so if anyone can help me get it working i would love that, thanks!

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I answered on Reddit, but copying also here :wink:

“Defold does not need any installation, so you should be able to just run Defold from console of file explorer :wink: Check out manual for Linux environments first: Defold development for the Linux platform
I only needed to set up MESA_GL version at the first run and now I’m using Defold on Ubuntu without any problems :wink: Let us know, if there will be any problems :)”

And welcome to our community! :wave: :wink: