Headless engine update_frequency


Now that we have a new vsync / refresh freq functionality in Defold it seems that we are back to our old problem with the headless server. We want the server to be headless but still only updating 20 updates/sec

I remember we struggled a lot to get to the point that our server could run headless 20 fps ( in the end setting the vsync with a message solved it )
Setting the vsync = “1” and update_frequency = “20" still makes it rush away as fast as it can now again.

Any help here? We are supposed to release in a couple of weeks and need to get this sorted out.



Solution was to set the vsync to “0” enabling software updating.
Now another related question: As variable_dt is deprecated. What is the settings to get such behaviour? However I seem to set vsync and update_frequency the deltatime seems to be locked to that frequency independent of how long it really took to update making all animations play slower on slow devices?


When these changes were released we also added to the documentation; https://www.defold.com/manuals/project-settings/#_vsync_frame_cap_and_swap_interval

In short, for behaviour equivalent to (now deprecated) variable_dt, uncheck Vsync and set frame cap to 0. If an older project has variable_dt checked, we will map to the new settings for backward compatibility at build-time.