Haven't got git log activity display in tab Team



In my account git log activity in Team doesn’t display history. It’s always display

There hasn’t been any commits on this projects yet!

But I use git command-line I can use git log and push work correctly. So How to fix this?



Are you using a branch other than ‘master’? I believe the git log activity in the dashboard only shows activity on the master branch. Right @samuel.nystedt and @mikael.lothman?


@britzl I use only master branch.


Ok, strange. I took a look at a couple of Dashboard projects of mine and I see git log activity. Would you mind adding me to the project (bjorn.ritzl@king.com)?


I added.


Thanks. Yes, I do not see any activity either but the git log shows quite a few commits from you and the team. Odd. We’ll look into it and get back to you.


Thanks. :smiley:


@mikael.lothman has investigated and has hit a wall. We’re currently unsure why the log doesn’t show up. Might be an encoding issue of some sort or a bug in jgit. Mikael will keep you updated.


Any update on this thread ?


It still not worked.
No team activity


@samuel.nystedt: I thought this was fixed?

@d954mas: How many people in your team? Does it work for anyone? In what language are you writing commit messages?


two. I checked other my project, and all of then have empty activity.


Do you use an external git client?


Sometimes i commit from idea or console. But i push all to defold server


Could it be that you have a different or no email setup for the command line client?


It can be. I need to check. But my teammate use only editor2.


Hey @d954mas, if I remember correctly this issues was due to git configuration. If your git is configured to use an email address that is not associated with a team member of the Defold project those commits will be filtered out. I thought we got back to you on this issue ages ago, but apparently we didn’t :disappointed: