Guidence about legal issue with sprite games


Hey guys,

I have question about the sprites offered by the

The website footer says:

Copyright © Sprite Database 2018. All rights reserved.

All game characters, graphics, sounds, and other materials are property of their original creators and copyright holders, and are provided here for private or non-commercial use.

Terms of use - Privacy Policy

When we join to a GameJam (like GithubOff), we are looking for fun and not profit propose, (a private or non-commercial use ) so, based at this terms can we use these sprites in a gameJam or not?

Can anyone help us?


GameJams are typically non-commercial use. As soon as you start charging money for your game then you need to reconsider the use of the assets though.

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer.


I Agree with you @britzl.

I was afraid to pass for problems with copyrigths, but i only build games to GameJams, so its ok, i guess. ahaha.

If you or anyone get new information, please share it with us.

Really thanks.


Normally you’d look at that © notice and think you were safe. However, in this case you aren’t. I just went there to check the content out, and it’s chock-full of other people’s IP. Case in point - you can drill down to GBA Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and find a gif with “Houses from Pokemon Ruby//Sapphire ripped by Ultragm2003. Credit isn’t needed”.

This is obviously Pokémon Co’s ©. Just because a site like Sprite Database says you can use it for private/NC works, doesn’t absolve you of © infringement. If I steal a car and throw you the keys, you can still get done for driving a stolen car.

That doesn’t necessarily apply to the “Arts & Crafts - Sprites” section of their associated forum, though. Some of them are user generated, some are WIP-rips.


Here is your sample, and you are right.

:cold_sweat: it’s a complicated situation. And your comment help me a lot. Thanks.


Oh, so it’s ripped graphics from a commercial game. Then I take back my answer. You can perhaps use that kind of graphics as temporary art, but you should be careful with releasing anything containing graphics that you don’t have permission to use.

I’d look for free/paid game art that you’re actually allowed to use without any problems. Perhaps some of the assets on


yeah, that site offer ripped graphics, because of this I’m asking for guidence to my senior friends. :smiley:

But know i’ve got the idea.

Really thanks for the these links.