GUI textures in boxes are cut off in-game (SOLVED)


Trying to figure out why this is happening. I’ve designed a few other UIs with a similar strategy but this one is giving me troubles. I disabled the stencil shader entirely to see if that was the cause but there’s no difference that I notice. Here’s a screenshot which shows the issue:

EDIT: Also, I’ve removed all layers and am manually Z-sorting all components to see if that would help.



I would test remaking part of the GUI and seeing if a remade version still renders the same way.

Otherwise it is most likely something in the render script. It’s hard to say though.



I’d start by trying the gui using the default render script to see if it renders correctly.

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Tried the default render script and other than not being able to see the gameplay (since everything is setup with Rendercam) the GUI renders the same. I’ll try re-adding layers and see if that makes a difference.

EDIT: Tried layers and no change to the result.

EDIT2: I figured it out! Somehow a small rotation value was added to each element and since I duplicated them while creating it they all had the same value. For some reason I didn’t notice it in the editor but opening the layout for the GUI in a text editor made it obvious quicker for me.

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