Since the function to reset all static nodes to the initial state is already there, I wonder if it’s going to be trivial to add a reset for a single node.

I like using the editor for layout and positioning of GUI and more often then not when animating things, this would help quickly return to the initial state :wink:



Yes, it looks trivial.

I had completely forgotten about the gui.reset_nodes() function. When is that ever used?!



I was surprised as well about this function, wondering when it’s used :slight_smile:

Couldn’t this functionality be done via Lua?
I.e. upon init, store the nodes/properties, and then when needed, cancel the animations and reset the properties…



LOL I’m really finding some nice hidden gems these days :smiley:

In terms of workflow, at least for the way I used it, it would remove a bit of friction storing properties and retrieving it, when everything could be a simple command.
But I understand this is limited to static content, anything dynamic would still have to be stored somehow.

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