GUI: child nodes get reordered when reparenting (closed)

Hi there,

I don’t know if this is a bug or if it is me:
when I reparent GUI child nodes or move them to another scene they are reordered - if there are more than 8 of them. The order changes each time the children are reparented once more and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern on which the new order is based.

I tested this on Win 10, Manjaro and Monterey.
It is slightly inconvenient to bring the children back to the original order one by one using Alt and arrow key. Has anyone here had the same issue?

if this is neither a bug nor me: would it be possible to fix this reordering at some point? This would be great.

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Seems only I and @totebo have the the GreNoCoPo - the great node confusing power. :nerd_face: How cool is this then? So I close this thread now.

This happens to me too! In fact, I just ran into it around the time you posted this thread, though in my case the ordering is irrelevant besides not looking clean, thankfully.

I noted that the issue is being brought up and felt no need to add my reply here.

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Thank you @Klear! I tend to juggle a great deal of nodes around, move them here and there because I cannot make my mind up. So I run into this issue quite often. Not a big problem, just a tad irritating. But then, I am German - aren’t we supposed to be orderly folks? :grin: