Gui bug - I can still us gui.pick_node() on a node which is disabled

gui box is disable,but i still can use pick_node.

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I think I had that issue as well before. I had to disable and make not visible.

Huh, could you please open a ticket on GH for this?

Isn’t it like that by design? I found this old thread Gui.set_enabled doesn’t prevent gui.pick_node in Input. EDIT: maybe the intended behavior was changed since then.

It is by design.
I’m sure because we added the following functionality to make it simpler to check if a node is enabled, taking into account its hierarchy:

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So, it seems the document is out of date ^^

Yes, maybe
Feel free to open an issue for documentation or suggest a PR with a fix: GitHub - defold/doc: Defold game engine documentation for

It seems gui.pick_node() always go with gui.is_enabled(node, true). Do you think adding a new param to gui.pick_node() to combine with gui.is_enabled() is a good idea? Or we should have a new api for that

It sounds like a good feature request, yes.
But documentation is still wrong. So, firstly, the manual should be fixed.

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Sounds like this one

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