Grid movement in 3D?

so me and my friend are working in a card game using grid movement in 3d so I just want to know how to implement grid movement for 3d

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Hey man, are you sure you aren’t biting more than you can chew? :sweat_smile:

3D in itself is something hard to learn, especially when you are just starting (don’t worry, I did it too, my first game engine was Blitz 3D and I somehow managed to make a simple game in it without any help, back in those days it wasn’t so natural for me to go and ask :sweat_smile:)

I would suggest you kindly to start with 2D first and if you manage to complete the game, then you might want to switch :wink:

There is by the way a very nice Grid movement engine for Defold:


Please, also, do respect others time, because it was stated many times and even few times directly to you, that the better you describe your problem, the better help you can get. The topic is very important for this too in order to keep our forum tidy and for future users to find solutions even before asking :wink:

We understand that beginning game developers needs guidance and help, but in the same way we expect of game developers to be reasonable and try to always find everything possible, before asking on forum. It’s not discouraging to post anything, but to bear in mind the post carries values not only for you, but for future devs too :wink:

There is also very important reason, such skills are crucial, if not even necessary, for you to become a game developer :wink: and looking at your determination, I believe you will and wish you all the best!


You need to be a bit more specific about what part of this you are struggling with? Can you do grid movement in 2d and it is only the 3d part you have problem with? Or is it grid movement overall?

I strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Defold APIs through the tutorials, manuals and examples. Once you have a good understanding of the APIs you can apply your knowledge of Defold on any tutorial about grid based movement, for instance one of the many tutorials on Red Blob Games that focus on grid based movement, pathfinding etc:

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thanks but really made 3d game like this game using godot but I just switched to defold for more control over my games

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Great then! So I hope the grid asset I linked above will help you! :wink:

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