Graphic glitch after popup until window resized


Hey all,

I’ve run into a small issue when generating a pop-up (using Monarch). I implemented a very basic pop-up if a user wins or loses a level. When that pop-up appears all the sudden all my images become “glitched” (pixelated and a jumble of colors, appear flickering). If I even slightly resize the game window in any direction the graphic glitch goes away. The “glitch” does not seem to impact any functionality of the game (other than being hard to visually decipher).

I bundled the game and ran it on both my browser and android device and was not able to reproduce the glitch at all. I could consistently reproduce it on the same build running it via the local game engine

When I did print screen to attach a photo and show the glitch it appeared fine. Could this be some sort of rapid flickering? Specific to running it on the local game engine?

Open to any suggestions.




Can you isolate it down to a small example and share it?

Perhaps some image with the wrong bit depth maybe?



Here is a quick clip showing the glitch. At the end there it is hard to see but I resize the window ever so slightly and it stops happening. This is using the local game engine. (Not able to reproduce after I bundle the same build to HTML5 or Android)



That sure looks strange! Does this happen on Windows or Mac?



Windows 10. I think I’m on the latest Defold version but not home to check. Can’t say if it was caused by an update or anything because I noticed it all on the same Defold version.

All interactions with gui (clicking) work fine, changing screens the glitch persists. If I resize the glitch goes away permanently until I rebuild.



Ok. What about graphics drivers? Are you using the default render script or do you have a custom one?

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I think this looks like a similar glitch that @AJirenius from StrangeQuest reported a while back. They had the same issue on multiple computers I think (that had the same hardware), but I think it fixed itself after they updated their graphics drivers?

(Also saw this issue at the Hello World summer camp, now that I think of it. There it was on a Windows laptop, didn’t catch what graphics card it was though.)



I did a full uninstall/reinstall of my graphics driver and I will see if it persists. At first glance it looks like it may have fixed it. (I also realized I had my windows display at 125%, idk if that contributed to it).

I’m on a Dell XPS13 laptop for what that is worth. Thanks for the suggestions!

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