Google Play internal testing release warnings (deobfuscation, symbols) [solved]

Hi all,

I am just preparing my app for internal testing and get two warnings to do with a deobfuscation file and a symbol file:

I have searched the forum and could not find a solution, which is why I open this new topic.

Since these warnings are orange, I suppose I can ignore them. Or shouldn’t I?
If so, would someone please give me a hint what needs to be done? I am quite clueless.

I would be very grateful for your help.

Yes, warnings are warnings so you can definitely ignore them, BUT it’s always good to know exactly what you ignore and how you can fix it if needed.

  • Deobfuscation file - You can obfuscate (primarily minify) any Java code in your project using ProGuard. You have this as an option in game.project. If you obfuscate your project you’ll also get a file to reverse the process. This file can be uploaded to Google Play to make Java related crashes understandable.
  • Debug symbols - A Defold release build will not include any helpful information about crashes which makes it hard to know where in the native code a crash happens. With debug symbols available on Google Play a native callstack can be translated into actual files and line numbers in the engine code. You can get debug symbols for your game by checking the “Generate debug symbols” checkbox in the bundle window. This file can be uploaded to Google Play.

I’d say that the debug symbols is the important thing here. You should make a habit of storing each release/test build of your game together with the correct debug symbols as it will greatly help us and you if a native crash happens. More info: Debugging native code in Defold


Good morning @britzl, thank you so much for your detailed answer.

It will be done from now on!

Sorry, I have to bother you again:
I cannot find the proguard file. I made builds with and without and compared the files, I cannot find a difference. And would you use proguard in my case? Frankly, there isn’t much to nick in my app, it is just quite heavy on images. But I am happy with the size of the aab, so further shrinking isn’t really important. Defold’s build sizes are amazing!

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Hmm, ok, I thought we did output a ProGuard deobfuscation file.

No. Most projects doesn’t have much Java code in them to be honest. It is usually just a thin layer of Java code to interact with the Android OS, and in many cases not even that as the NDK usually provide what we need.

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Thank you @britzl for your advice!

Maybe I looked in the wrong place - I compared the files in the build folder.