Google Play Game service: access token for Nakama

I’m trying to login using Google Game Play services in my app.

I followed all the steps, and I manage to silent correctly using GPGS.

But I’m trying to obtain the access token so I can authenticate using Google in Nakama.

For this I set the game.project flags:

app_id = ******
use_saved_games = 0
request_server_auth_code = 0
request_id_token = 1
client_id = *************

Now when logging in, I get the following error:

failed: SIGN_IN_REQUIRED (4)

I’ve been looking up for a while, but no idea where this error could come from. Anyone managed to login in Nakama using GPGS?

Are you using gpgs.get_id_token()?


Ask in the Nakama forum as well. I haven’t tried this myself. But if you get a token that looks ok I’d say the problem is with how you have configured Nakama or how you are using the API.

I can’t get the token because the sign in fails if I set the request_id_tokento 1.

If I set request_id_token to 0, everything works perfectly though.

Same here, have this been resolved in the meanwhile?

Any ideas?