Google InApp Review in landscape mode

I implemented the Google InApp review on my android game. The game can only be played in landscape mode.
When the review window appears and I tap the write private opinion (required) input box, the keyboard pops up. The keyboard obscures the input box and window buttons. It’s very confusing in terms of not seeing what I’m typing, and I couldn’t hide the keyboard either.
I tapped everywhere to make the keyboard disappear but I wasn’t successful. I did this until I closed the review window without giving a rating. This is quite depressing given that the appearance of the review window is regulated by quota.
(I only found out later that the android back button hides the keyboard.)

Does anyone have experience with this (and is willing to share it) to have a better user experience when writing a review?

Huh, strange that the UI doesn’t adapt to the limited height in landscape mode. @AGulev implemented the official review extension, but I guess this is something that is out of our control?

I released a new version with the newest at the moment Play Core Library:

The API of this feature is really small (a couple of functions) and we can’t really do anything here.
Maybe this update will help.
Here is release notes: Play Core Library release notes  |  Android Developers
(prev. version was 1.8.0)

Based on AGulev’s source code and Google’s documentation, I implemented InApp review in my own native extension. The problem is certainly not Defold specific, but rather seems to be a design flaw in Google, which would be quite surprising. So I’d rather look further, there must be some solution to this problem.
Anyway, thank you for your comments. If I can find a workable solution, I’ll describe it here.

Perhaps check another game in landscape mode and see if they implement in app reviews?

Thanks, I also thought I’d check out another game but it would be lengthy. I should find one that definitely includes the InApp review and play with it until it pops up the window.
Instead, I thought I’d make a minimal app in Android Studio that would only include the InApp review. I can test this quickly on Google Play with internal app sharing.

An app made in Android Studio does exactly the same thing as in the game. What I’ve noticed is that at the junction of the top edge of the keyboard and the bottom edge of the pop-up window, there’s a small arc at the bottom two corners of the pop-up window. From this, I conclude that the system will resize the review pop-up window when the keyboard pops up. However, it very much seems that the contents of this window cannot be scrolled for some reason.
So far, I haven’t found anything in the Google Play Core Library documentation about this.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any workable solutions to this problem. As a final step, I submitted the issue to Google. Hope dies last.

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Unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to have made a particular effort on the issue.

Status: Won’t Fix (Infeasible)

Wrong component.

I wish I knew what the poet was thinking.

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