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We’re sending events to Firebase Analytics, and I want to use the Google Analytics funnel explorer, but I’m having some problems and I hope someone with experience can help.

We use some of the predefined events like so:

 local event = {
            ["content_type"] = "pet",
            ["item_id"] =
        }"share", event)

and in the Google Analytics funnel exploration I can define a funnel step on the “content_type” parameter - the ‘p’ matches “pet” in the event’s content_type.

any attempt to query on the item_id parameter (the interesting one, because it’s not always the same!) fails like so:

I know the data’s there, because I can see it in BigQuery:

Has anyone successfully done this or similar before, or can see any obvious mistake I’ve made?


I tried chat with Google Analytics support. It did not go well.
Firstly, they tried to redirect me to Firebase support. I’m glad I checked before finishing the call.

We then did a screen share, and I showed the problem I was having.

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I’m afraid I have no experience with this. BUUUUT… Now I got curious… :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that Google isn’t happy with your parameter values.

“Param names can be up to 40 characters long, may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores (”_"), and must start with an alphabetic character" (Source)

In your screenshot the param value is Butter Toasty and I’m thinking that the space character should be replaced with an underscore. Could that be it?

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I think that the param name here is item_id. The following line says this about param values, and there’s no mention of restrictions on characters.

“Param values can be up to 100 characters long.”

We have other param values that are single words, and they don’t match either.

Ah, ok, sorry, I confused things!

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