Gooey image_cache problem iOS

I am using gooey.image_cache to load images in a gooey.dynamic_list like this

And it works fine on my computer, but on the phone some pictures loads and some does not, anyone know why that is?

Do you get any errors in the console? Could you please open a ticket on GitHub and share a small project where this is reproduced?

Have a new interesting error, i use a gooey dynamic_list with x number of item rows in it, i want to find out on what element inside one list item i have clicked on, for example a delete button, so i use

if gui.pick_node(list.items[list.selected_item].nodes[hash(“giftitem/delete_btn”)], action.x, action.y)

inside the gooey dynamic_list function, and it works fine for item 1 to 9, but number 10 and above fails, and it looks like it is the .nodes that doesnt work when i debug printed out them like you se in the picture here

Any clues what i have done wrong here?

Can you please create a ticket in the Gooey repo on GitHub and share a small project there as well?

Sure, made an example from the gooey example project

How long lead time is it on those usually @britzl , i could se there is a lot of them registered before mine :confused:

I’m not actively working on the Gooey repo, and a lot of the GitHub issues are feature requests rather than bugs.

But today I’ve done some work on the repo and introduced a breaking change to the data returned by a list to better support dynamic lists. Give it a try!

ok, super, ill try it out later and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

Works so good, thank you for the fast fix!

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