Go.property resetting to default


I have a property in my game object that keeps resetting to its default.
Is there any action in the editor that would cause to property to be reset?
It’s not a big problem, more a nusiance but I would like to know what I’m doing so I can stop doing it!




This happens to us when pulling on git with editor open sometimes.

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Let’s involve @mats.gisselson and @vlaaad here :slight_smile:



Further information: as @Pkeod suggested, this issue does appear to be associated with syncing a project. I have a collection containing some scripts with custom go.properties. After syncing that collection, the go.properties get reset to their defaults.



Good to know the repro case!
Please report this issue in editor2-issues, either directly or via the Editor.



I have go.properties reset to def when I edit the source game-object. Don’t sure if this the same case as yours, but very annoying! Was going to write about it on forum, but saw your post.

So, here I have a Can game object with sprite, collision-object and script on it, and in script there are some custom properties. I have levels as collections with Cans set in different states all over the levels. And when I edit collision-object properties of the Can GO - all custom properties reset to default.

Can this resetting be avoided? Imo it’s a wrong behaviour, but maybe this was done by demand and not by mistake.



Please add an issue for this as well!



I confirm that this happens but I don’t know how to reproduce it. It started when I cleared the Custom Editor field in Preferences, while still editing scripts in VSCode.

@sergey.lerg said here that it also happens when you use an external code editor.

Created an issue #5583.

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