GitHub GameOff - November 2018


The annual GitHub game jam GameOff started yesterday. It’s a one month game jam hosted on

This year the theme is Hybrid.

The Defold team is particularly proud of being mentioned together with LÖVE in the “In love with Lua?” section on the competition page.


Already started making a game with Defold for the Game Off :slight_smile:
Honestly it’s one of the simplest game engines I’ve touched in a while, very fun to work with.


I’m in too! Just started a new game this morning.


Hmm… I’ll let the theme bounce around in my head for while. Maybe I’ll come up with something fun and simple to make.


Same here. Trying to think of something along the lines of mixing two game genres. Maybe it’ll come to me in a day or two.


…and I’ve got it! I kept thinking of all kinds of weird gameplay fusions I could perhaps pull off, as that approach sounded like the most fun, but just now I started to get back to the word “hybrid” itself and all of a sudden X-Files sprung to my mind and that was it.

I’ll try making a game where you take control over aliens visiting Earth, harvesting DNA, perfecting an alien-human hybrid and trying to subvert the world’s governments. Basically a reverse X-Com game. I think I won’t bother with turn based missions. Just the “globe” portion of the game will do.

The gameplay will be quite basic, though I think I can make up for that with outlandish story and presentation. I’ve already got all kinds of sick ideas swimming in my mind.

This is gonna be fun!


I will try … to complete one more of my prototype …


So how’s everyone’s progress?

I’m just finishing an interface for mixing different DNA pieces to produce various new humans, aliens and hybrids. I also have a properly alien world map. I was finally forced to learn to use game objects properly, which only makes me appreciate Defold more. Oh, and it made me use, which I like, since it makes the code that much more colourful =D

The way it looks I should be able to finish all the basics over the next week, which will hopefully give me two weeks to polish and polish and polish.


Started working on some kind of dungeon golf mayhem (think medieval golfers in a dungeon with big weapons trying to whack a ball and each other) but have so far spent maybe 2-3hrs… not much to show yet…


That looks like it would be fun as hell played with friends on a single computer! There’s never enough games like that, though I don’t think anything will ever beat Get on Top.


:grin: Looks great, I love the idea and especially his hammer


Currently back at the drawing board after a failed couple of days prototyping an endless runner/slot machine hybrid game.