Getting an error when submitting my app to Google Play


Hey everyone, I’m seeing an error when submitting to Google Play:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: aewt

Anyone know how I can fix this?



Is it a first time submission?

Maybe one of the extensions is causing it?

Try to submit an apk with less extensions to see if it helps at least to submit?

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Yeah it’s a first time submit. The only extensions I’m using are Monarch and Rendercam but I require both of these for it to be playable.



I mean native extensions, those should be safe.

Based on net results, it seems like this is a Google error that they need to fix. The automated testing thing thinks the app is crashing. Which it might or might not be. Do you have any more info?



Ah okay, I’m not using any native extensions.

EDIT: No more info, I’ll try contacting Google support.



Well, Google won’t respond to me and this error is preventing me from going any further in my app releasing ambitions :frowning:

Does anyone know anyone at Google who could ask them what’s going on? I can’t get any help with this issue from them.



Try making a new bundle and submitting it again?

Based on other net posts about this, there should be more information, such as which devices this error is happening on. It may still be a Google problem and nothing you can do about but getting more information is still useful.



Thanks, I’ve tried this a few times but it happens for every build. It says initially no errors but has some warnings about uploading symbols. However after ~half a day or so it will eventually show this error every time. It’s happened 9 times now, so I’m afraid to keep testing it unless I hear from them or try something that will fix this… I know the game isn’t crashing since I can see test screenshots from their simulations.



What kind of changes did you test with making other builds?

Wait a while and try to submit again later.

Has anyone else submitted an app recently and had it approved?

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Seems to be affecting many users and could be a false positive:

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Do you see the app from this link? One part of Google Play console shows that it’s available to unlimited testers, but the other part of the console shows it having some error that I have to fix. The latest release however isn’t showing the error (yet.) Hopefully it’s been resolved.



I see it. And bought it.




Thank you! Since you’re my first customer, is there anything I can do to improve the game for you? Would an in-game statue be enough :wink: Joking, unless you want it haha.



Hi, I’ve been experiencing the same issue during the last days. I have noticed that the problem occurs more frequentely when I release the bundle in an internal test environment, before publishing It. I don’t really know what to do.

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