Getting a tilemap's tile transformation?

is there a way to get the transform bitmask of a tile during runtime?
i have a lot of code that relies on tilemap.get_tile() calls, and not having to make seperate tiles for each orientation would be very helpful to me.

No, there is no API to get this information.

If you wrap the tilemap.setmap() and getmap() calls you can save the bitmasks applied and write the functions you want, eg w.tilemap.getbitmask()

sorry, i don’t quite understand what you’re suggesting

When you apply a transform bit mask to a tile, save what you do so that you can recall what the settings are. If you wrap the setmap in a function then you can save the settings in a table for easy recall. If the bitmasks are set outside of Defold code then you could extract the information from the tilemap file and store it in a Lua table for later use.

ah, ok.
i’m not setting the transform bitmask in code.
i’ve already gotten a workaround that involves reading a converted format of the tilemap file (the standard format would take too long to process) to get transforms.

side question: why is it that you can rotate by 180 and 270 degrees in code, but the tilemap file doesn’t seem to support that? feels kinda… weird.

The tilemap file does support it, but the editor doesn’t support it. If you open a .tilemap file as text you’ll see h_flip and v_flip:

so to rotate more than 90 degrees you have to flip it? i’ll definitely note that.