Gamepads does not work in Mac

The gamepads do not work on macOS, at least to my experience. I cannot get any response from the game while it’s connected via bluetooth. What can ı do?

Which version of Defold are you testing with? Are you only testing Bluetooth connected gamepads or also connected via usb? Which brand of gamepads have you tested with?

I use a ps4 controller that is recognized as “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller”, ı mainly tried bluetooth but also have tried via connecting it with usb. I use latest version 1.8.1

Recognized by macOS? In the Bluetooth settings?

It doesn’t look like we support PS4 controllers. Is it detected if you run the GDC tool?

Sorry for responding this late, it is perfectly recognized by macos system and even defold gave a warning stating that it does not have a definition for this controller and will use standard one. However, it did not used the standard one in the debug mode, but, ı realized that it does in html5 release bundle on ios. After that, I created a binding via the gdc tool but would like to ask what back, start, guide buttons mean?

It depends on the controller to some extent. Some controllers have a dedicated back button for instance. And a start button.

I would map the PlayStation button to Start. Share to Back. Options to Guide.