GameKit and Google Play Services


Do you have any plans of implementing support for creating achievements, leaderboards, match making etc through Google Play Services/GameKit/Steam API?



We are planning some futures for the future but we can’t give you any timeline yet.



Any news about GameKit?



No, no news I’m afraid. Me and @AGulev will work on Google Play Game Services this sprint though!



That’s great news. Thanks. :slight_smile:



Any (good) news about GPGS :thinking:?



I’ve started integration and even have a proof of concept version - it works. But then I switched to another issue with a higher priority.

I’ll back to the issue in the next sprint (in a week).

The current plan of GPGS feature integration:

  • Authorization
  • Cloud save
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards


Thanks a lot for this great news. I’ll be waiting for this. :slight_smile:

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Any update on this?



On Google Play Game Services? We released a first version a while ago:



Sorry, no, on the Gamekit extension.

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Oh, ok, no update then. We have not taken any decision or have it close at hand in our roadmap to add Game Center support (of which GameKit is a part).



Understood! It feels like the game services are a big part missing from Defold. I would be reluctant to release a game on iOS, because my games tend to rely on cloud save for progress and use leaderboards and achievements as retention mechanics.

There are other game services available, like PlayFab, but to me it makes sense to use the native platform ones because they’re recognisable to the player, which might mean less friction. Also because it’s there is no need to code a custom leaderboard GUI, which speeds up development.

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For anyone interested in a Game Center extension for Defold, I’ve started to recode the full iOS GameKit extension I wrote for Corona back in 2016:
I need Game Center for a Defold game I want to release so I’m going to make a full iOS/OSX GameKit extension and put it on the Defold Asset portal when it’s completed. Apple has deprecated and added quite a bit code since 2016 but I should be able to figure it out. Really like the Defold Native Extension design so that will make it much easier to write.
Once I finish the following features: Authentication, Leaderboards, Achievements and Save Game Data, I’ll push it to my github account and get feedback from the community on what features to add next.



This is great! Good luck! Let us know if you get stuck and need help.

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Thanks, I’ll be sure to reach out if I run into any difficulty.

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