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Hi , i have question about gambling games with in app currency , because i used unity 5 and there was huge problem for them to make slots without paying extra , is that a law for all apps , or it was just the Unity engine , can i make poker for free with defold

Hey Nikola! Welcome to the forums. Gambling is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions in the following passage:

3.2 As a further condition of these Defold Licence Terms, you may not use or incorporate or distribute the Defold Software in any Games which:

  • include or are in anyway related to real money gambling or any other gambling product or service which is regulated by any local, state or national authority and requires a gambling licence

I’m interpreting it as prohibited to use Defold if you are using games which include gambling with real money, but allowed for games which have elements of gambling, although with real money.

But I’m no lawyer, and if someone has more information—please let me know.


Thank you , well i wanted to integrate things like slots , giving game items in game currency like gems , gold , etc.

I was also looking for more clarification on this, and found this thread which summed it up well.


yupp. If it is impossible to cash out real money, you’re welcome to use Defold.



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While I do expect this to be the prequel to a spam message I might as well clarify that there’s no longer any restrictions on the use of Defold to create gambling products.