Full url for url


The path is rarely used while coding but the url is using everytime a message is passed,
Plz make a full url (including collection)

Another idea (not needed) some sort of urls table u can look into for each game object so users cam see which url is the game object on this would make msg.post alot more convenient



You already have access to full URL with msg.url()

	local url = msg.url()
	print(url) -- the full path
	print(url.socket) -- the world
	print(url.path) -- the object
	print(url.fragment) -- the component

It includes collections in the path too.

DEBUG:SCRIPT: url: [main:/collection/go#script]
DEBUG:SCRIPT: hash: [main]
DEBUG:SCRIPT: hash: [/collection/go]
DEBUG:SCRIPT: hash: [script]

As for a “url table” this is your job to maintain when you create objects with a factory and such.



But the thing that the game collection (main:/) isnt in the properties url bar when an go is in the collection is a bummer