Front page changes


Please remove the video autoplaying on the front page. The front page needs to be leaner.

Please also add download buttons for editor 2 onto the front page. Don’t require sign up to easily find links. Currently editor 1 is still being featured too prominently, it needs to be put in the background so it’s still able to be found not but recommended.

There needs to be a one click link to the forum from the front page. Right now it takes 2 page loads to reach the forum from the front page.


Thank you for the feedback. I totally agree with you on the Editor 1->Editor 2 transition. It should happen soon if I’m not mistaken. @Axel and @samuel.nystedt are the ones who need to see this.


I would also argue that access to documentation should be easier. Currently, it’s:

  1. Load the main page (with the video cover which makes the loading a bit slow)
  2. Click on learn and go to the learn centre
  3. Click on the API reference link

I think a show-on-hover dropdown menu for the top bar categories would be better UX, since this reduces the number of clicks/page transitions/visual page scannings. The way it’s implemented on mobile is imho better, because you have access to the whole navigation tree just from the hamburger menu. So I don’t have to go through the community page before I go to forums, for example.


Hi @Pkeod. Good feedback! There’s a forum link already in the footer of any page if you don’t mind scrolling :slight_smile:


Hi, @dapetcu21, I see that this could be a pain. I like your “show sub menu on hover” idea!


That’s a long scroll from the front page! :rofl:

Most important change front page needs is to add direct download links for editor 2. That will get more people to try Defold compared to now where there is too much friction to get a download link.


Good idea, we’ll explore this further!

I agree with you, but this is unfortunately not possible at the moment due to legal requirements (user needs to accept T&C’s before they can use the editor). Could it be done in the editor? Yeah, maybe – but it’s unfortunately a much bigger task than just adding a download button. We are, however, discussing it in the team from time to time.

And a side note about the front page video; while a few lines of Vimeo code do load on enter, the video content itself is no blocker for the rest of the page to load. So the difference in speed of loading the rest of the content is not really slowed down by the video.


Can’t have a modal appear with T&C when clicking download link with a checkbox to agree? That at least would be better than having gmail accounts required and to go through that process. Compare front page and download process with Godot, which I feel is the #1 competitor to Defold right now in terms of user acquisition

A big issue with the video is that it’s a CPU hog. Leave the page loaded and return to it and it will fast forward the video to try to catch up to the time the page was suspended for example. For repeat visitors it’s an annoyance. It’s also 17MB alone. The front page should be leaner. The biggest selling point Defold will have in the future will be the well known games produced with it. For video content make yearly sizzle reels and promote those, they work!